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Dream Dictionary:

Letter Dream Word
TTeethDreams about your teeth falling out, crumbling at the slightest touch or missing, are some of the most common dreams that people have. In most cases, these dreams represent our concerns about our appearance or how we look to others. This can be concerns about aging, how you are perceived at work, by peers, etc.

Since we lose our teeth as children and grow new permanent teeth in their place, dreams about losing your teeth can mean that you are going through a life changing event and you feel like you are closing one chapter of your life and moving on to another.

Dreaming that you are in an elevator can indicate moving to different stages of life, wealth and emotional balance.

Being in an elevator that is rising could indicate that you are moving up to a better position in life.

To dream that you are trapped in an elevator that won't stop going up and down while you are trying to escape could indicate that your emotions are out of control about a particular situation and you are trying to escape the situation.

BBabyA baby in a dream can be a symbol of new beginnings. You could be starting a new chapter in your life or embarking on a new project. If you are having a baby or considering it, the dream could also just be a reflection of your waking thoughts.
AAtticThe Attic represents the higher consciousness or spirituality of the dreamer. Dreaming of rummaging through the attic represents digging up old memories. Maybe something in your waking life is bringing back old memories?
AArmArms symbolize strength, power and work. Open arms represent welcomeness or love.
BBackThe back represents strengh. Dreaming of the back can be warning you to watch your back or it could mean that you have turned your back on someone or vice versa.
BBeautyPhysical beauty in a dream usually represents a person's inner beauty. It may also reflect the image of yourself you wish to project to others. It could also mean that you want others to admire and approve of you.
BBloodBlood represents our life force. To dream that you are bleeding or injured represents that your vitality is being drained from you. If the blood is coming from someone you injured, it could mean that you are emotionally draining someone in your waking life.
BBodily FunctionsBodily functions that eliminate waste usually have a similar meaning in the dreaming world. Eliminating waste can reflect your need to get rid of emotional "waste". Dreaming of having difficulties in this area can represent the difficulties you are having getting rid of some negative emotions in your waking life.
BBonesDreams of bones and skeletons could have several meanings. For one, dreaming that you are looking at an xray of your bones could mean you need to get down to the root of an issue, or "the bare bones" of it. Worrying about someone else seeing your xray may mean that you are worried they will discover some hidden truth about you.

Dreaming about seeing a skeleton in the closet could quite literally mean there is a skeleton in your closet or if it is someone else's closet, perhaps it seems that person has as skeleton in their closet.

Bones and skeletons are powerful symbols that can signify mortality and death. Seeing these symbols may be an expression of your fear of death or that you feel something is metaphorically killing you.
SSearchingTo dream that you are searching for something means that there is something you are missing in your waking life that you are looking for or need to find.
DDrowningDreaming that you are drowning can mean that you feel like something is suffocating you in your waking life. You could be drowning in debt or emotions.
AAlligatorA dream of an alligator or crocodile can represent a hidden danger. Because these creatures lurk below the surface, they can also represent something that lurks hidden within yourself, perhaps a negative aspect of yourself you wish to hide.
CChaseDreaming that you are being chased is one of the most popular dream themes. What is chasing you? That is the key to interpretting this dream. Chase dreams usually indicate that something or someone is causing you stress. It could be a person or an internal feeling. Look for attributes of your dream pursuer in your waking life and try to make a connection. Is it a boyfriend, parent, boss? For instance, if you dream your boyfriend is chasing you and you are terrified, it could mean that you are afraid your boyfriend is too overbearing and is maybe trying to control you or put too much pressure on you. If you are being chased by an animal or creature, this dream may represent an internal fear. Something you are afraid of, or something you've been hiding from. Try to focus on what the pursuer represents to find the meaning to this dream.
CCatDreams about cats can have a variety of meanings. Cats are widely associated with femininity, witches, sexuality, mystery and bad luck. Examine what type of cat it was, how you felt towards it, what it was doing and what you were doing in the dream. Dreams about a cat can represent independence, or perhaps it represents a woman who has captivated you. If you fear the cat, it could represent a female you fear in real life. Cats are known for being loners, instinctual and for having nine lives. Think how these characteristics might be represented by your dream cat. A bad cat is normally considered bad luck. If you see one in your dream, maybe it represents something you feel will bring you bad luck. The key to understanding what your dream cat represents is to figure out which cat archtype was best represented in your dream.
PPregnantTo dream that you are pregnant when you are not actually expecting could indicate a "brain child" of yours or a new beginninig in your life. The new child might represent a project you are working on or a new goal in your life. It might also represent part of yourself that is growing and developing.

Is the pregnancy going well, or is the baby sick or dying? The state of the pregnancy will give clues to the meaning of the dream. Maybe your idea or new growth needs nurturing or attention, indicated by pregnancy complications in your dream. If the preganancy is going very well and you are feeling lots of joy, this might indicate that your developing idea, goal etc is going to bring you much happiness.
DDeathTo dream that someone died usually represents a part of yourself that is dying. Look for aspects of the person in your dream that died that might represent aspects of yourself. If you dreamed of a lover dying, it may mean that you feel you have lost or are losing that person or the relationship they represent.

To dream of your own death could represent a transitional phase of your life (one part is dying and a new phase is beginning).
SSnakeSnakes are a common dream symbol. Snakes can represent fear in a dream or some hidden danger lurking that you are not fully aware of in your waking life. According to Jung, dreams of snakes represent dark aspects of yourself that need to be confronted.

The serpent was a Biblical symbol of deceit and evil. The snake in your dream can represent theses same aspects.

Dream snakes can also be phallic symbols that represent forbidden sexuality. Examine your feelings toward the snake and try to determine what you think it may represent; a person, a situation, or an aspect of yourself.
AAxeA dream about chopping wood with an axe is a warning to be alert and to tread carefully in conducting business transactions or risk
AAvalancheIn an avalanche dream the dreamer is helpless to get away from objects barreling directly toward him.
AAutopsyInterestingly, a dream about an autopsy, where the dreamer does not know the subject of the autopsy, bodes well for fresh and exciting encounters, often sexual in nature, on the horizon.
AAutomobilesIn dreams, modes of transportation that carry people, such as cars, buses and airplanes, are common symbols of the human body and the road down which one is traveling in life.
AAurora BorealisThe dreamer is communing with his spiritual side if the dream involves watching the northern lights and feeling warm and cared for.
AAudienceThe dreamer
AAttackAttacking another in one
AAthleteDreaming of oneself as an athlete is a sign that, by pushing his body to its maximum potential, the dreamer accomplished more than he thought himself capable of.
AArrestedBeing arrested in a dream may be telling the dreamer he has issues with self control and/or that some facets of his personality may have yet to mature.
AArmyIn a dream, an army represents an overwhelming and uncontrollable power which reflects the dreamer
AArmageddonDreaming about the end of the world, Armageddon, represents the dreamer
AArgumentArguing with another in a dream can symbolize either an internal conflict within the dreamer or an unresolved problem with another.
AAquariumWhen an aquarium appears in a dream it means that although the dreamer has acknowledged certain emotions, he has yet to deal with them. Subconscious beliefs or wishes might also be reflected in this dream.
AAppleSeeing an apple in one
AApostleMore commonly experienced by men than women, a dream in which an apostle speaks to the dreamer means that he is receiving a religious message which should be given serious consideration.
AApologyWhether it is being delivered or accepted, an apology is a dream symbol for the dreamer
AApartmentDreaming about an apartment typically conveys a straightforward message about the dreamer
AAntsAs a dream symbol, the ant can represent both positive and negative qualities.
AAnimalsAnimals appear in dreams to symbolize individual traits exhibited in daily life. More primitive animals represent traits that may be more latent within us or farther from our general level of awareness.
AAngerAnger, especially suppressed anger, needs an outlet.
AAngelsDreams about angels can have such a wide variety of meanings that it is necessary to analyze each such dream based on the dreamer
AAmusement parkAmusement park dreams are generally about
AAmbulanceAs a dream image, the ambulance is speaking to the dreamer about the dreamer
AAlleyDreaming of an alley means that the dreamer feels controlled and hindered from accomplishing a goal.
AAlienIn dreams, an alien represents an individual or occurrence with which the dreamer has neither knowledge nor experience and therefore does not know how to deal with.
AAlcoholOverindulging in alcohol in a dream points to a sense of repentance and a lack of self confidence in the dreamer who may also be concerned that others will see
AAirportDreaming about a crowded, bustling airport demonstrates a wish to have the time and opportunity to explore foreign countries and experience other cultures.
AAirplane CrashAn airplane crash is clearly a catastrophic occurrence and the dreamer who dreams of being involved in such an event, should seriously consider why he feels that something so serious, perhaps even tragic, might be about to happen to him and/or the world around him. To dream of watching a plane crash is to feel vulnerable and powerless to help amidst a disaster.
AAirplaneThe symbolism of airplanes in a dream depends on how the individual dreamer feels about flying and the kind of plane featured in the dream. Whereas a dreamer who fears flying would be conveying dread or panic associated with travel, the dreamer who loves to fly would be expressing joy.
AAidsDreaming of having a terminal disease indicates the dreamer
AAfraidDreaming of being afraid, specifically of being scared to move forward in a given scenario, suggests that the dreamer is worried about his home, school or work life. If others are afraid in the dream, it means that someone close to the dreamer is so entangled in his own challenges that he will not be free to assist the dreamer.
AAdulteryThe dreamer is likely feeling anxious and lacking in confidence around his sexual and romantic relationship if he dreams of watching his partner enjoying sex with someone else. If the dream involves the dreamer committing adultery, the dreamer is seeking a fresh approach in his own romantic or sexual life.